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Magic Tree House Curriculum: The Knight at Dawn (Book 2)


  1. Magic Tree House The Knight at Dawn and MTH Fact Tracker: Knights and Castles- A Nonfiction Companion to The Knight at Dawn (I try to get books from the library whenever possible, but they don’t always have everything)
  2. Backpack Journals for Book 2 (Click on the book and download the Backpack Study-Books 1-4. Print 1 Story Mapping with Annie page, and 1 Jack’s Facts page). You can fill in facts you want to write down on Jack’s Facts page as you come across them in the reading.
  3. Optional: Magic Tree House Games and Puzzles from the Treehouse book [This gets used a lot, but I will try to find alternatives online when possible. I make copies of the pages for easy gluing into the notebook]
  4.  The spiral or composition notebook started with book 1
  5. Free account at
  6. The usual: paper, printer, ink, pencils, crayons or colored pencils
  7. Empty toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and other cardboard boxes (To build castle; small for small castle or moving boxes for big play-castle)
  8. Other supplies will depend on what additional projects you choose to do- cardboard for shield and sword, plastic spoon, popsicle or craft sticks, rubber-bands, and mini marshmallows for catapult

Day 1

  • Read chapters 1-2 of The Knight at Dawn
  • After each chapter, use the story map to summarize the main event in the chapter.
  • On story map, draw the setting of where they landed (picture in book Jack and Annie were looking at)

Day 2

  • Read chapters 3-4
  • Story map after each chapter
  • Knights Cover Page from Homeschool Share– color and glue in notebook (if using a composition notebook, print at custom scale 80% or adjust paper size to executive 7 1/4 x 10 1/2)
  • Draw in your notebook what you think a castle would look like

Day 3

  • Read chapters 5-6
  • Story map after each chapter
  • Challenge parent or sibling to Tic-Tac-Toe Duel (Page 7 MTH Games and Puzzles); Alternative: Lego Lexo Knights Tic Tac Toe
  • Begin plan for building castle from cardboard like this or this or even this (that last one needs bigger boxes)

Day 4

Cap’n C starting on his cardboard castle. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a finished picture 🙁
  • Read chapters 7-8
  • Story map after each chapter
  • Matching (Page 9 from MTH Games and Puzzles); Alternative: Match the Shields (Choose Free Play and try to make chains of at least 3 matching shields)
  • Work on castle (set up walls and towers)

Day 5

  • Read chapters 9-10
  • Story map after each chapter
  • Fill in clue #2 on the Travel Journals Page. Color the backpack if you want.
  • Maze (Page 10 from MTH Games and Puzzles); Castle Maze
  • Work on castle

Day 6

Day 7

  • Read chapter 1 Fact Tracker #2: Knights and Castles
  • Complete Feudal System mini book and add to notebook
  • Work on castle

Day 8

Day 9

  • Read chapter 3 Fact Tracker #2: Knights and Castles
  • Complete Castle Defense piece (list ways to defend castle) and add to notebook
  • Label the castle in notebook
  • Work on castle

Day 10

  • Read chapter 4 Fact Tracker #2: Knights and Castles
  • Complete Clothes and Table Manners pieces and add to notebook
  • Add finishing touches to castle, if not already completed

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

  • Read chapter 8 Fact Tracker #2: Knights and Castles
  • Complete Weapons piece and add to notebook
  • Make your own sword from cardboard (optional)

Day 15

Day 16


(Updated 5/4/17)

For more activities and ideas:
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